Tour Information

Orlando Florida Choir Tour 2019

Tour Package Includes:

  • Airfare
  • Ground Transportation
  • Hotel
  • Disney 2 to 3-Day Park Hopper Ticket
  • Workshop (tentative)
  • Fame’s Show Choir America Finals at Hard Rock Live!
  • Breakfast and Dinner

Payment Details (Total $1250):

  • Step 1: PayPal deposits can be made using the Tour 2019 Deposit web page (click here).  Deposit is due by 9/7/2018
    Deposits are no longer accepted. 
  • Step 2: After making the deposit payment, the remaining balance payment can be made using PayPal either in one payment (click here) or in five monthly installments (click here)The remaining balance payment must begin by 10/3/2018.
  • PayPal payments can use any of the following forms of payment:
    • Credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, etc.)
    • Bank account or credit card linked to your PayPal account
    • Sign up for PayPal Credit online to take advantage of the 6-month no-interest financing offer for each payment.
  • Cooperative share payments must be paid in full or must be in progress to attend the Choir Tour.
  • Payment Deadlines
    • September 7th – $250 Deposit due
    • October 3rd – $200
    • November 3rd – $200
    • December 3rd – $200
    • January 3rd – $200
    • February 3rd – $200
  • Cancellations
    • Cancellation must be acknowledged by Susan Ricker
    • Refund is based on cancellation acknowledgement date:
      • Before 9/10/18 – 100%
      • After 9/10/18 – 100% of total purchase amount minus $50
      • After 12/11/18 – 90% of total purchase amount minus $50
      • After 1/20/19 – 75% of total purchase amount minus $50
      • After 2/19/19 – 50% of total purchase amount minus $50
      • After 3/7/19 – No refunds

Arrangements for Parents and Siblings:

  • Parents who would like to join the tour may make arrangements directly with the tour company.  Here is the contact information for the tour company:
    FAME –
    Bert Johnson
    7255 E. Hampton Ave. #127
    Mesa, AZ 85209
    1-800-289-6441 ext. 102

Fundraising Opportunities:

  • Students can sell Choir Gear to offset their own cost of the tour.  Please see the Choir Gear Fundraiser Flyer for the items that can be sold.  Please fill out the Choir Gear Order Form for each recipient, enclose the form and payment (no coins please) in an envelope and turn it into Dr. Trevor’s Office.
  • Chocolate and Skratcher card fundraisers are coming soon – please stay tuned.

Rules of Conduct

All students will have an assigned chaperone.  (Chaperones are assigned via rooms.  You will be notified of your chaperone when tour starts – unless your chaperone contacts you before tour.)

Our goal as chaperones is to make sure that your student is safe.  We take our jobs very seriously!!

As chaperones, we have put together a list of rules for tour that we need everyone to read, respect, understand and abide byParents, please review this list with your students before tour.

  1. During tour, all students must turn on location services on their cell phones and share their location through the Google Maps app with their chaperones.  Since the park tickets allow students to visit many parks, it is essential that the chaperones be able to easily locate students when needed.  Students locations will also be required if there is an evacuation at the airport, hotel, or any location we visit.  (After tour, you should turn off location sharing with your chaperone)
  2. At the beginning of each day, students need to physically check in with their chaperones and show that their phone is 100% charged.  If the student’s phone is not fully charged, the student will need to stay back at the hotel to charge it before heading out for the day.
  3. Each day, the chaperones will be reaching out to their students every two hours for check in.   Students are expected to respond within 15 minutes of this request with their location and who they are with.
  4. While in the parks, all students must be in groups no smaller than two or three (three or more is preferred).  No student is to walk the parks alone.  No exceptions.
  5. Each evening, once your chaperone has done a final nighttime check and indicated lights out, you may no longer leave your room.
  6. Boys are never allowed in girls rooms.
  7. Girls are never allowed in boys rooms.
  8. Leaving the hotel without a chaperone is strictly not allowed.  If a student leaves the hotel without a chaperone, the student will be subject to being sent home immediately.
  9. If your student is late arriving to the bus or meeting place, the student will lose that amount of time in the parks the next day.

Failure to comply with any of the above rules will result in disciplinary action including loss of park privileges or being sent home at the expense of the parents.

Please remember that you are all representatives of Glendora High School; please act appropriately and show your Tartan pride.

Trip Preparation

  1. Sign up for Reminds!!  This is important!  During tour, we will use the Remind system to periodically communicate with the parents and tour students.  Please sign up for this system now:
    1. Parents/Guardians ONLY – Text @82e2eh to 81010
    2. Tour Students ONLY – Text @tourstu to 81010
  2. The packing list has been posted (click here).  Please review it carefully and make sure you pack accordingly.  It is critical that everyone bring what is on the list – especially your photo ID and  required show choir items (i.e. jacket, red game day shirt, attire for performance, etc.). Carry on phone charger and items to keep comfortable in the airports and on the plane.
  3. The *tentative* itinerary has been posted (click here).   An updated itinerary will be posted soon.
  4. Cost for the trip – as we discussed at the tour meeting, this trip is actually costing roughly $1325/person.  That is $75/person more than we are charging.  If you are able to donate money to the choir to help our budget, we would be greatly appreciative.  You can donate on the website through the donations page (click here).  A tax receipt can be provided for this donation.
  5. Checked Baggage money – as we discussed, the flight to Orlando does not include checked baggage.  If your student cannot pack everything into their 21” roll-aboard bag plus black choir bag, then they can check a bag for $30.  That $30 checked bag fee is your responsibility.
  6. Food money (bring $100-$200) – There are 10 meals in the itinerary that are NOT covered by the tour cost.  Meals in the parks range from $10 – $20 each.  This means your student must bring money for food.  We will do our best to make sure everyone is fed, including providing PB&J sandwiches if needed to those who ask.  The students also must take advantage of the hotel breakfast (included) each day.  No skipping breakfast!
  7. Chocolate money credits – For those students who have chocolate credits, cash to cover those credits will be provided to the students on the first day of tour.
  8. Spending money – It is up to you and your student on how much spending money your student should bring.  We are recommending an amount ranging from $100 – $200.
  9. Disney MagicBands – For those who have asked, Disney has MagicBands to assist with in-park purchases.  To learn about this,
    We do not have any experience with these and cannot make any recommendations for these.
  10. Medication – If your student must bring medication, please make sure you have put in writing the specific needs so that we are aware of it.  You can email with this information.  We expect that your student will be responsible for administering any medication they require.
  11. Travel permission slips – if one of these has not yet been filled out for your student, please do this ASAP.
  12. Pictures –
    1. Follow us on Instagram at glendorashowchoirs for tour updates!
    2. We will post pictures on the Photo Gallery at as we are able.
  13. Chaperones: (See “GHS Choirs: Choir Tour 2019 Packing List / Itinerary” email for cell phone numbers)
    Dr. Trevor
    Karen Wingerd
    Loren Wingerd
    Dawn Davis
    Rob Davis
    Rhonda Suematsu
    Phil Suematsu
    Susan Ricker
    Kristi Baugus

Important times:
Wednesday, March 20, 6:00 p.m. – meet at GHS for trip to LAX
Tuesday, March 26, 3:00 a.m. (estimated) – meet at GHS to pick up your student.  We will send Remind to the tour parents once we are on our way from LAX to GHS.

For tour questions, please contact Susan Ricker at or Dr. Trevor at  For website issues, contact Phil Suematsu at