Tour Information

Orlando Florida Choir Tour 2019

Tour Package Includes:

  • Airfare
  • Ground Transportation
  • Hotel
  • Disney 2 to 3-Day Park Hopper Ticket
  • Universal 1-Day Park Hopper Ticket
  • Workshop (tentative)
  • Fame’s Show Choir America Finals at Hard Rock Live!
  • Breakfast and Dinner

Tour Itinerary (Tentative):

  • Wednesday (3/20)
    • Leave at 11pm on “red-eye” flight
  • Thursday (3/21)
    • Arrive in Orlando in the morning
    • Drop luggage at hotel (Springhill Suites or similar hotel)
    • Lounge at hotel pool or visit Downtown Disney until check-in time
    • Check-in at hotel
  • Friday (3/22)
    • Workshop at Disney (Tentative)
    • Visit Disney parks (Tentative)
  • Saturday (3/23)
    • Perform at Disney (Time TBD)
    • Visit Disney parks (Tentative)
    • National show choir competition finals at 6pm at Hard Rock Live!
  • Sunday (3/24)
    • Local church performance
    • Visit Universal parks (Tentative)
  • Monday (3/25)
    • Check out of hotel
    • Return home

Payment Details (Total $1250):

  • Step 1: PayPal deposits can be made using the Tour 2019 Deposit web page (click here).  Deposit is due by 9/7/2018
    Deposits are no longer accepted. 
  • Step 2: After making the deposit payment, the remaining balance payment can be made using PayPal either in one payment (click here) or in five monthly installments (click here)The remaining balance payment must begin by 10/3/2018.
  • PayPal payments can use any of the following forms of payment:
    • Credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, etc.)
    • Bank account or credit card linked to your PayPal account
    • Sign up for PayPal Credit online to take advantage of the 6-month no-interest financing offer for each payment.
  • Cooperative share payments must be paid in full or must be in progress to attend the Choir Tour.
  • Payment Deadlines
    • September 7th – $250 Deposit due
    • October 3rd – $200
    • November 3rd – $200
    • December 3rd – $200
    • January 3rd – $200
    • February 3rd – $200
  • Cancellations
    • Cancellation must be acknowledged by Susan Ricker
    • Refund is based on cancellation acknowledgement date:
      • Before 9/10/18 – 100%
      • After 9/10/18 – 100% of total purchase amount minus $50
      • After 12/11/18 – 90% of total purchase amount minus $50
      • After 1/20/19 – 75% of total purchase amount minus $50
      • After 2/19/19 – 50% of total purchase amount minus $50
      • After 3/7/19 – No refunds

Arrangements for Parents and Siblings:

  • Parents who would like to join the tour may make arrangements directly with the tour company.  Here is the contact information for the tour company:
    FAME –
    Bert Johnson
    7255 E. Hampton Ave. #127
    Mesa, AZ 85209
    1-800-289-6441 ext. 102

Fundraising Opportunities:

  • Students can sell Choir Gear to offset their own cost of the tour.  Please see the Choir Gear Fundraiser Flyer for the items that can be sold.  Please fill out the Choir Gear Order Form for each recipient, enclose the form and payment (no coins please) in an envelope and turn it into Dr. Trevor’s Office.
  • Chocolate and Skratcher card fundraisers are coming soon – please stay tuned.

For tour questions, please contact Susan Ricker at or Dr. Trevor at  For website issues, contact Phil Suematsu at