Fundraising Events

9/21/2018 – Annual Zumba Madness Event!

This event was a huge success for us last year. We have a team of Zumba instructors who have volunteered to conduct a full session of Zumba for us in our Event Center. It will begin at 7:00 continue until 8:30. The choir will perform at the start for a few minutes and then the exercise begins! The cost is $10 for students and for adults who purchase a pre-paid ticket. The price goes up to $12 at the door. We are asking every student to sell at least 5 pre-paid tickets. Since this event has a great reputation as being a fun evening, selling these tickets to friends, relatives and neighbors should not be very difficult. It is perfectly fine, too, if people would like to contribute to choir by purchasing a ticket but would rather not attend the event. It can be a donation. We will ask the kids to move and arrange the risers for this event (both before and after) and the call time for students will be 6:15. Parents: We can use donations of water for this event as well.

TBD – GHS Parking lot e-Waste collection event 7:00 am–2:00 p.m.

We will need the participation of both parents and students for this event to be successful. E-waste collection day has always produced a significant return for us and we have the basics of that part of the event down. A truck will come, people can drop off their unwanted electronics and electrical appliances, and the students will take shifts holding signs at various corners and intersections around Glendora alerting the public about the event.

I will need parents to help with driving kids to their sign holding shifts in the various locations around Glendora. I will also need donations of water for this event to help keep our kids hydrated while holding signs.

10/20/2018 – Cabaret (Annual Fundraising Dinner Extravaganza)

This event is an opportunity to come out to a nice dinner, dress up, see your friends, buy raffle tickets, win fabulous prizes, and see our wonderful kids perform a series of solos and numbers from their 2019 competition sets. It is a wonderful evening and it is our biggest fundraising event of the year.

Here is where I can use parent help: Soliciting prizes for our raffle is a huge undertaking for just one person and even for a committee of board members. So I am asking every family to help procure just 1 raffle prize or, even, just a PART of a raffle prize (you can go in with another family to create a basket, for example). You don’t need to purchase the prize. You can ask a local business to contribute with a form letter I will be happy to provide if you come and see me. I will also follow up with a thank you/tax letter, etc. to all businesses that contribute. Our booster club is a 501 (c) (3) tax exempt organization, so all donations to us are tax deductible. In addition, we provide all businesses that support our efforts with free advertising in our program. So there are incentives for them to give. If you would rather not ask, then donating yourself if fine, too. The more prizes we have, the more fun it is for all of us on that evening.

I will need raffle prizes brought in to the choir room by Tuesday, October 17. Please alert me via email before then if you intend to drop something off. And I will need a business card or ad copy from each business that contributes by Tuesday, October 10 if they wish to be included in the program for Cabaret.

11/16/2018 – Holiday Stroll

Students will be performing in the Glendora Village for the annual Holiday Stroll. I can use parent volunteers to help distribute leaflets for our Sounds of Noel concert and to help sell tickets.

12/11/2018 – Sounds of Noel

This is our annual Christmas Concert at Pasadena Nazarene Church. We moved to this venue three years ago after outgrowing our old home at Glenkirk. The good news is that we can accommodate a much larger audience and put on a much better show. The bad news is that it costs more to rent the hall. We have the potential to sell enough tickets to break even for this event but we really need parents to be supportive and to encourage people to attend. So I will be asking you to share information about this event on social media and to help distribute flyers, etc. Please spread the word. This year, the Choir will be performing a brand new selection of music including traditional hymns but also some special surprises. In addition to that, this program has always featured professional soloists and an orchestra of the highest quality. The cost for tickets to this performance is only $12. To see some of these artists perform in other venues, you could easily pay several times that amount. So be sure to talk up this event with family and friends. Share on social media.

1/26/2019 – Competition Previews


Remember: The more money we raise for choir, the less we have to ask of parents. And the more our choir boosters can do to make choir an unsurpassed experience for your student.