Legends Classic Diner Fundraiser

Please help our choirs raise funds for the competition fees, costumes, sets, props, and accompanists on Wednesday, September 12 from 5pm to 9pm at Legends Classic Diner.

Show the flyer (click here) when ordering and drop the receipt in the Glendora Choir box inside or at the drive thru for our choirs to receive 20% of your purchase.

Invite your family, friends, and neighbors to join in the fun!  Post the printer-friendly flyer (click here) at work or in your class room to spread the word!

Thank you for your support!

Notes from DT

Welcome back to many of you and welcome to all who are new this year.  We have an excellent group of singers and the prospect of making some fine music, both in show choir and concert literature.  Choir Camp went well and the new students have already begun making friends.  They are also learning to “hang out” in the Choir Room when they are not in class.

We are looking at a very interesting tour for this year and details will be presented at the Parent Meeting on Monday, 8/20.  That meeting is now at 7:30 instead of 7:00.  It is still in the Event Center.

Our first fundraising event will be Zumba Madness on September 21st and there will be news about this very soon.  It is a great way to get our fundraising started for the year.

I look forward to another great year!


Fitting Appointments

The 2018/2019 school year will be filled with fun events and competitions!  This all starts with your costume fitting appointment before the school year begins.  Regardless if you are a new choir member or you are returning from last year, please visit the costume fitting appointment page and schedule your appointment with Mrs. Baugus to check your old costume and get fitted for the upcoming year’s costume.