Parent Meeting – Monday, August 19th @ 7pm

Dear Parents and Students

Welcome to our new school year, 2019-20! We are just finishing Choir Camp and it has been a good start to our year. Stewarts are a little smaller but they have an excellent sound and are picking up the dance quickly. We have a lot of girls for the combined Silhouettes – about 60. They also have a good sound so I am sure this is going to be another good year.

Please plan to attend our Fall Parent Meeting at 7:00 p.m. in the Event Center at GHS. At that time I will outline the various events for the year. We know them in more concrete terms that we did at the Parent Meeting last April. I will introduce the Board of the GHS Choral Boosters so you will know who to contact about specific questions. Names and contact emails will be posted on

We have been planning the Choir Tour for 2020 and I will introduce that as well. This is an optional event for those who choose to participate but it is always a memorable one that students will treasure for many years. Details are in place and I will be able to tell you specific dates, the destination, and the approximate cost.

Please join us in the Event Center a week from this coming Monday on August 19th.

Best regards,

Brian Trevor